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Ningbo Yuyi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Committed to improving the mechanical processing and assembly process, independent research and development of a variety of automatic and semi-automatic machinery and equipment

  • Unity and self-improvement: the enterprise has a highly efficient team leadership core, led a strong cohesion of the workforce to advance awareness, pause attitude, and constantly break themselves, develop themselves; work together towards a higher goal The In order to achieve common goals continue to make greater contributions.
  • Realistic and innovative: adhere to truth-seeking and pragmatic, contact the actual business, and constantly improve themselves; in business management, product development, market development, after-sales service to continue to innovate. Innovation means change, break through the status quo, never satisfied.
  • To develop new products, open up new businesses, develop new products, cut costs, thrift, and strive to be valuable and effective orders.
  • Hard work ahead for the common goal of the enterprise, in order to achieve the value of life, to plant for home, live and work in peace, to plant-I Rong, the factory I shame the sense of responsibility, work together for the development of enterprises dedicated their talents and skills.


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